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I Know What I Saw

My nasty little poem "Mirror" - first published in Midnight Echo 4 (thanks, fabulous editor Lee Battersby!) and reprinted in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2010 (thanks, fabulous horror editor Talie Helene!) has now been reprinted in I Know What I Saw, a spooky collection of horror poems from Needfire Poetry (thanks, fabulous editor Barry Napier)!!!

Anyone who has read my poem will know why I sent it to Barry as soon as I read the call for submissions. Yes, I do know what I saw. And it can't have been real... (Read more about what I might or might not have seen, in Talie Helene's interview here.)

The e-book is available from Smashwords or Amazon. It's full of strange objects in the night sky, shadowy creatures spied from the corner of your eye, things from out of this world going bump in the night…



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Dec. 16th, 2012 06:32 pm (UTC)
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