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I was prodded into blogging by my rather thrilling acceptance of a poem by Westerly yesterday – and now I'm compelled to add the publications and acceptances that I've shamefully neglected to mention: three poems and a fairy horror story actually published, and several exciting forthcomings. Er, I seem to have been more prolific than I felt I was.

Three stories:

  • My hommage to H. G. Wells' marvellous "The Door in the Wall", called "A Moveable Feast", came out late last year in the fabulously bloodthirsty Bloodstones, October 2012, edited by Amanda Pillar (Ticonderoga Publications).

  • Just as excitingly, I've just had an acceptance from Penumbra eMag (part of Musa Publishing). My story loosely based on H. G. Wells' mordant "The Trouble with Pyecraft", called "New Miracle Celebrity Weight Loss Diet", will be in Penumbra's H. G. Wells theme issue in June  2013. Oh, I do love H. G. Wells.

  • Meanwhile, I'm thrilled that Liz Grzyb has accepted my story about the beautiful Tammuz's (Dumuzi's) less beautiful older sister, "The Quiet Realm of the Dark Queen" for Dreaming of Djinn (Ticonderoga Publications).

Four poems:

  • A long poem, "The Duties of a Cat", was published across a double-page spread in the February 2012 Orbit edition of the NSW School Magazine, with glorious illustrations.

  • "Learning How to Be a Cat" (yes, another cat poem, with a touch of Bradbury hommage) was published in the wonderful Underwords YA science fiction anthology Futuredaze, February 2012.

  • "Liquid Pleasure" (a sorrowful poem of lost nymph love) was published in the 2013 Spring Equinox edition of the lovely, pagan Eternal Haunted Summer, and you can read it now, for free and everything, here. (It's perhaps a touch NSFW or for the young, like the poem of centaur love in the Pedestal last year.)

  • "Engine of Strange Delights" (a poem for librarian-scholars) is forthcoming SOON in the revered spec fic poetry magazine Dreams & Nightmares.

Futuredaze-cover-final   bloodstones